Learning through Twitter

Six years ago I embarked on a journey of discovery, meandering my way through social media, in particular Twitter. In the beginning I watched from the side not fully understanding the how’s, what’s and why’s and puzzled as to why some colleagues were avid users of Twitter.

I had set up an account while living and working in glorious Basel, Switzerland, however never really began the journey until as a school leader I needed to experience what others were passionate about. So when a teacher, a committed devotee of Twitter suggested a school twitter account my journey into the unknown began.

Through Twitter I am now connected with educators locally, nationally and globally. I research, read, connect, learn and discover using Twitter. Twitter is a fantastic platform for sharing professional learning and for instant communication with others.

I have promoted and modeled the use of Twitter setting up hash tags to share professional learning. At conferences I use Twitter to take notes and to learn with and from others. You can create a story, connecting all the tweets using the Storify App and share, promote, connect and learn. I can also follow professional learning through tweets sent to designated hash tags even if I’m not a participant. In 2013 a teacher was presenting at an international conference in the United States and I followed the learning! Wow! How powerful!Image

Twitter opens doors for teachers and leaders to share, reflect and learn together with staff tweeting about student learning sharing Genius Hour, PBL and SOLE as well as tweeting staff learning.

I now have three Twitter accounts to share, connect and promote learning @annbasel – my personal account; @iroundsnsw – to connect the NSW Instructional Rounds community and @COSLead – a Community of Schools network for current & aspiring leaders to build leadership capacity through 1:1 coaching and network opportunities.

Not convinced of the value of Twitter? Have a go… begin the journey of discovery!




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